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Why write M/M?

April 20, 2014

I’m guest-blogging today on Vampires, Crime and Angels. This is the blog of author Elaine White, a recent convert to the M/M side of romance. Her readership has been mainly M/F and she invited me over to talk about M/M romance – why I love it, why I write it, and where to find my freebies for a risk-free taste. (Just try this first hit, free…)

Go on by if you want to know why I started writing about two men together back in 1974, and never stopped.

Progress and a title

April 17, 2014

I thought I’d post quickly, since it’s been a couple of weeks, to let you know what I’m up to.

My free story for the M/M Group’s Don’t Read in the Closet event coming this summer is now drafted, at about 65,000 words. (Yeah, I said I was staying short. I clearly lied. However it is 40K shorter than last year :) ) The title will be Laser Visions and it’s a near-future paranormal story. Submission deadline is May 1st, so I’ll be editing hard the next couple of weeks.

Remember, all the Don’t Read in the Closet stories from all of the years are free on ARe and from the group. Individual authors might sell their own story somewhere, but if you see the anthologies for sale for money, let me know. (Someone recently tried to do this on Amazon. The books have been taken back down now.)

I’m polishing up the third Hidden Wolves book, to get ready to submit it soon. I don’t have a title for that yet, but I’m running through my list of “un-” words. It’s about two new guys – Brandt, a werewolf, and Harlan, the human he meets – but there’s some Aaron, Zach, and the rest of the pack in there too. It’s about 125,000 words, but I’m hoping to tighten it up a little in the polishing.

The Family We Make, about Sam and his brother Rick, has had one great beta read, and after May 1, that will be next on the plate for edits. Since it will be self published, hopefully the wait will be shorter. Real life has been kicking my butt this spring, and once again I’m slower than I’d hoped.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who has been picking up the freebie Hunting Under Covers and giving reviews for my novella Changes Coming Down and the other fun stories in it. I was worried about stretching to try M/M/M, but the reaction has been pretty positive. Nice encouragement to maybe do a sequel or prequel someday.

If you are celebrating a holiday this week, I wish you a lovely time with family and friends. And now back to those darned wolves…

Stand alone books and one more giveaway

March 27, 2014

This is my final week as the Author of the Month at My Fiction Nook.

textcoverPristina The Rebuilding Year cover Sole Suppor coverThis time they’re featuring three of my stand-alone books. They also asked for a little piece of writing from me, and I totally missed the deadline to send it to them. Oops.

You see, they suggested “Maybe something funny,” and I went into total block on it. There are writers who can tell a funny little anecdote at the drop of the hat. Read Amy Lane’s blog. Read Thorny Sterling’s. I have major envy for that talent. I like to think there is humor in my books, in a subtle way, but I don’t have that gift of the absurd.

Humor is one of the four main things I look for when I read a romance though. A little snark, a funny moment, even a clever bit of word-play—humor lurks somewhere in most of the books I really love to read. So those four criteria?

First, I want characters I can like and cheer for. I don’t mind if they have to reform somewhat to get there—Jake Riordan, I’m looking at you—but I want to like them by the end. My own stories first appear when I hear the voice of a guy who wants his story told. Caring about that man and his journey is what launches the book.

Second, I want realistic emotions. I enjoy anything from sweet to heartbreaking, but I do want to feel it. That feeling of connection is very individual, personal, and hard to quantify. It’s always a surprise to me how other readers and I can agree on dozens of books, and yet there will be one that has me with my heart aching and just bores them. Or one they say had them sobbing that leaves me cold.

Pulling the reader into the story emotionally is a challenge for writers, and what works with one reader will not with another. I have side by side reviews of “couldn’t put this down even to sleep” and “DNF I was soooo bored.” (And perhaps this is a place to say again, all reviews are welcome, the good, the bad, and even the ugly. Readers who talk about the books they read are community, sustenance and keep this profession interesting. The difference in opinions is what makes discussing books fun, and leaves room for all of us different writers to find an audience.) The writers who consistently pull emotional connections from me are the ones you’ll see me recommending at every opportunity. In romance, more than any other genre, we get to share the emotional life of the characters.

My third preference is that bit of humor. Not necessarily laughing-out-loud, but just the occasional quirk that tells me the characters and the author have some sense of proportion, some ability not to take themselves too deadly seriously. The very best authors can give me that little self-deprecating quip even in a scene that will break my heart. That’s a gift.

And the fourth is hope. I don’t need a Happy Ever After or even a Happy For Now ending on every book. But I need it to contain some kind of hope. Real life is hard enough. Things beyond your control will batter and hurt people you love, at some point—if you care about anyone, that’s inevitable. Romance is about the hope of happiness, the hope of love, the idea that there are people out there who will put someone else’s well-being ahead of their own. It is about overcoming adversity and finding, at the end of your trials, the reward of a person to share the good times and the bad. Hope.

And that’s probably why I write. To transmute pain, loneliness, anxiety, fear, prejudice, and loss into the gold of hope, love and joy. And to share that journey, for characters who feel real, with readers. I wrote just for myself for decades, because putting hope and joy on paper made me feel it. There is sweetness now in having readers share that world.

The stand alone books featured on My Fiction Nook this time represent parts of that journey for me.

Lies and Consequences – the first book I ever published, a plot-crazy romp of a thriller that I simple put onto Smashwords for free, before I had published anything, so readers could share the fun.

The Rebuilding Year – two men who have been battered by life, finding each other and a new start together. A book about finding love wherever it appears, even if it’s unexpected and unfamiliar. And valuing that love for the treasure it is. (And yes, the sequel will be coming, although it is still a work in progress.)

And Sole Support – a book I wrote in a big part for myself. After a long period dealing with my mum’s Alzheimer’s, I was pretty blocked in my writing. So I started the story of Kellen, a man in a similar situation, not a perfect guy and one made less perfect by the stress of his helplessness in the face of his mother’s decline. (Much like myself—my poor husband got neglected at times, when all the rest was overwhelming.) Then I gave Kellen a guy like Mike, whose heart was big enough to deal with all of Kellen’s crap, and help him redeem himself. And at the end, despite the pain of family in trouble, I gave them love. And hope. And found that I could write again.

There is one more giveaway of any backlist book, if you comment on My Fiction Nook – Kaje Harper Finale. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by there all month, and congrats to the three previous winners. (Learning Curve seems to be the popular choice so far :) See you there.

Featuring Wolves and another book drawing

March 20, 2014

Unacceptable Risk cover image For my third week as Author of the Month at My Fiction Nook, they are featuring my Hidden Wolves stories. There is an excerpt from the first book in the series, Unacceptable Risk, and a drawing for a free ebook.

Unexpected Demands cover My werewolves started long before I ever published anything, and before I ever went online to find M/M books. I’d only read what was on library shelves and in bookstores, and we all know how limited that is.

In my own little writing world, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if there were not just gay vampires (which I’d read) but gay werewolves…” Yeah, I really was that much off in my personal writerly cloud. By the time MLR asked about another book they could publish, I’d found out just how many gay wolves are running around the M/M genre shelves. But I was having too much fun with my guys not to let them out to play.

The third werewolf novel is finished in rough draft, but not yet submitted. I do hope to have it out later this year. No title yet, but I’m considering a whole raft of words starting with “un”…

In the meantime, check out the post at My Fiction Nook. And maybe you can win a copy of your choice of my backlist books, to entertain you until that next one is released.

A new cover, and progress

March 16, 2014

I just got a new cover from my designer, Enny Kraft. And I love it. This is for the second book in the “Finding Family” series. The book is a contemporary romance, and features Sam from The Family We’re Born With, his younger brother Rick, and 20-year-old Travis, a Minnesota guy whose life is turning upside down. I’ll have the blurb for you down the road, but for now, enjoy the cover.

The rough draft of this story is completed, at 140,000 words, which means it almost certainly needs some pruning. But I’ve brought the guys to a good place, for now.

And before that editing happens I have a freebie to write, for the M/M Romance Group’s Love’s Landscapes event. The prompt I picked for that event reads…

“Dear Author,

I just moved into this old antebellum home I bought with the intentions of restoring. I often find myself awoken in the night by strange noises I cannot identify or hear during the day. At first I think it’s just a dream…this seeming phantom, always walking away. Who is he and how can I get him to finally turn around and see me?”

Paranormal? SciFi? Mystery? I’m thinking about it… Time to have some fun.

Life Lessons, a free book, and me

March 13, 2014

This week on My Fiction Nook the focus is on the Life Lessons series. There’s an excerpt of Mac and Tony striking sparks for the first time, in Book 1, and links for all the series novels. Check out my interview with Heather, and leave a comment for another drawing for a free back-list ebook.

Congratulations to last week’s winner. I’ll be emailing your book shortly.

And on a related note, if you bought Breaking Cover from Kobo, and are having any problem with the file, please let me know. Kobo has had issues with it, and I want to make sure everyone gets what they need.

Interviews, excerpts and a chance to win

March 5, 2014

One of the fun things happening is that I get to be an author of the month in two places. The first is on the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads, where there’s a thread open to discuss my books. The second is on “My Fiction Nook”.

My Fiction Nook is a review and book commentary blog, and they were kind enough to feature me for March (in sparkly purple letters, no less.) That link will get you to the first of four posts. Each week there will be some interview or trivia from me, an excerpt from one of my books, and a drawing to win a free backlist ebook of your choice. This first post starts with a couple of my freebies, including an excerpt from Changes Coming Down, my short menage novel. I hope you enjoy the chance to see a bit more of what I do, love and write. And good luck winning an ebook.

On an unrelated but fun note, I picked out a prompt to write for the M/M Group’s “Love’s Landscapes – Don’t Read in the Closet” event this year. It’s an atmospheric and not-quite-safe-for-work-picture which you can see if you are a group member there – (—claimed-by-kaje-harper) and a rather open ended prompt. I’m having all kinds of fun thinking about the possibilities right now. There are a ton of great prompts and authors signing up for this. The free stories will begin releasing from June through August. I’ve already bookmarked a bunch I want to read when they release.

So go meet Will, Scott and Casey , and sign up for the book drawing. And wish me luck with this next one.


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