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When Love is Bittersweet

September 16, 2019

Check out my blog post on Love Bytes Reviews about how to classify books with non-traditional romance endings. What’s your preference?

When Love is Bittersweet

Into Deep Waters in paper edition

September 3, 2019

I wrote Into Deep Waters and released it as a freebie in 2012. Since then I’ve had quite a few requests for it in paper format, and I finally decided to follow through. I appreciate the formatting help of Deb from Beaten Track Publishing (who also created a perfect period photo for the back cover.) The tiny short coda story “Can’t Hurt to Believe” is included at the back of this volume.

The paper book is now live on Amazon.

I’m always happy to see readers enjoying the story of Daniel and Jacob, and their 69 years together (and counting).

I will bring a few copies with me to sell at GRL this year. (You can also preorder any of my paper books including this one for GRL so you’re guaranteed I’ll have a copy for you. My GRL preorder form is here: )

GRL Authors’ free books

September 1, 2019

If you’re looking for some good free reading, check out the GRL Authors’ LGBT Romance collection on Prolific Works (was Instafreebie) – you do have to enter an email to download (and may then get an author newsletter, but can always unsubscribe.) This collection includes 77 gay romance offerings from novels to shorts – some are perma-free books (my own stories are the freebies Nor Iron Bars a Cage and Like the Taste of Summer); some are free just for this giveaway, and some are noted as preview excerpts of longer works for you to get a free taste.

This giveaway runs Sept 1 through Oct 31. If there’s an author you’ve been curious about, or wanted to “meet” before GRL, here’s potentially a chance to check out their writing. (Not all attending authors have a participating story.) You do not have to be going to the conference to download the stories. Enjoy.

Also remember that there is still time to register for GRL in Albuquerque, NM – Oct 16-20 Registration is open through Sept 8th.

This event is great fun – a chance to hang out with 400 people who all love M/M romance, meet a hundred authors, ask questions, get swag, go to panels, win free books, have fun at evening parties, and more. The official dates are Oct 17-20, but you won’t want to miss the narrators’ panel Wed evening the 16th, if you can make it there.

Check it out –

“Like the Taste of Summer” on Amazon

August 10, 2019

My 15,000 word novella Like the Taste of Summer has been a free read available on most platforms for years, but I thought it might be nice to have it on Amazon as well. After a bit of hitch (because someone once uploaded a pirated copy to AZ, and they wanted to know if I had permission from the “original” publisher) we got things straightened out and it’s now live. I hope this will get my little story a few new readers.

Amazon US –
Amazon UK –


Jack managed to get a scholarship to a small-town college in the middle of the Iowa cornfields, September 1981. It wasn’t New York, or California, but he figured it would be better than being home. College would be be a new start in a new place, maybe somewhere he could be himself.

Sean was local, born and bred, on the opposite side of the town-and-gown divide, but attraction knows no boundaries. When personal tragedy brought them together, it was the beginning of something extraordinary.

This is the re-release of a story written for a Goodreads M/M Romance writing event in 2011.


The current price is at .99 (despite me giving them the links to where it’s free.) If you would like it to go free on AZ, please go to their link for “Would you like to tell us about a lower price?” under the product details and link the Smashwords ( or B&N ( freebie – usually Amazon will price match.

Beyond the Binary

July 15, 2019

Reading blog posts for International Non-Binary People’s Day yesterday encouraged me to blog on Love Bytes Reviews about trying to develop a better sensitivity to people beyond the binary in my writing and reading.


(Photo credit – The Gender Spectrum Collection: Stock Photos Beyond the Binary – taken by Zackary Drucker –

Twin Cities Pride 2019

June 24, 2019

Last weekend was Twin Cities Pride, and fellow authors Rory Ni Coileain, Posy Roberts, and I had great fun talking to readers, librarians, and several new and aspiring authors. We lucked out with the weather – despite predicted thunderstorms, we had only a few light sprinkles of rain. My son made it there on Sunday for his first Pride, and we enjoyed everything from the booths and crafts to all the dogs of Pride.

It’s always a great experience, a chance to touch base with a new audience, and to promote the genre and the idea that there are books out there focused on positive stories with LGBTQ characters. I met a young African-American man who told me about the romance book he was working on with a gay, autistic guy like himself as MC. I hope we helped encourage him to keep writing it.

The first Pride was a protest, but Pride currently is also a connection, a community. A chance for people who may be isolated to walk among a crowd of others who share common experiences and identities and goals. From infants to elders, Furries to leather guys, lesbians and bi women in pasties holding hands, teens in Ace flags and tall guys in drag, it was great to see everyone there.

Sex-positivity and M/M Romance

May 15, 2019

I blogged today on Love Bytes Reviews about sex-positivity in M/M romance.

Sex positivity and M/M