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Getting out of my familiar spaces

June 15, 2018

I’m blogging on Love Bytes Reviews today about going to EuroPrideCon – an LGBTQ romance reader and writer conference in Europe. I’m looking forward to Amsterdam. (BTW if you are going and wanted to pre-order paper books from me, today is the last day. My order form link is on the EPC Facebook list, or contact me here.)

Interview and a chance to win

May 24, 2018

I have an interview up on author Lou Sylvre’s blog. Lou asked me about my start writing M/M, about my YA books group, and more. Check it out and there’s a link to enter to win a free backlist ebook of your choice from me.

Power to the kids

May 15, 2018

I’m blogging on Love Bytes Reviews about the hope I get from seeing so many out and proud LGBTQ teens going to prom. So different from when I was growing up.

“Gift of the Goddess” released

May 10, 2018

Amazon came through fast this time, and my rerelease fantasy novella Gift of the Goddess is now available on Smashwords in all formats, and on Amazon in .mobi.

Gift of the Goddess

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Garvin’s worst fear is realized when he runs home from the fields to find his lover’s forge empty, his tools scattered, and the ground trampled by a band of soldiers. Nyle has been kidnapped and conscripted into the King’s army—a death sentence even for a big smith like Nyle.

Garvin is untrained, unarmed, and nowhere near strong enough to take on one soldier, let alone a whole army. His household skills and a way with horses aren’t much to work with, but he can’t let that stop him. For the first time in his life, he prays to the Goddess for the help he desperately needs.

He’s not expecting an answer. Particularly the one he gets.


This is a rerelease of the 2012 Storm Moon Press story. It has been edited and polished, but there are no substantial changes.

Content warning – contains a brief on-page episode of dubious- to non-consensual sex.


Amazon US:
Amazopn UK:

New Cover for “Gift of the Goddess”

April 24, 2018

Among the stories I got back from publishers in the last couple of years is Gift of the Goddess – a 22K fantasy novella. When it released, it was part of a collection, and as such, there was a group cover used. It was fine, but not a great fit for my story. I always wanted to put out one more suited to the tale I wrote. I finally have the re-edit done (thanks, Jerry L Wheeler for editing) and a wonderful cover (thanks to Lex at Winterheart Design, and a great photo from Dan Skinner.) Isn’t it pretty? 🙂

So perfect for my Garvin, on his way to find Nyle. I’m planning for a mid-May release, and I’ll have the exact date and blurb for you soon.

A little news and a blog

April 15, 2018

In writing news, I have submitted a novella set in Minnesota to Dreamspinner Press’s “States of Love” series – fingers crossed that they enjoy my story of a college student and a dairy farmer getting a second chance together. I’m in the process of editing and polishing up a new stand-alone novel about a veterinarian and a guy with seven cats. I’m also editing a new collection of Young Adult stories from my YA group picture prompts to release as a freebie. I have edited and soon will rerelease my fantasy novella Gift of the Goddess with a spiffy new cover. And Tracefinder 3 is in rewrites.

In blogging news, I have a new post up on Love Bytes Reviews about choices of Point of View –

A sense of place, but what if it’s trademarked?

March 15, 2018

I’m blogging on Love Bytes Reviews today on using real places and trademarks in my books.