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Writing Kids in M/M

May 15, 2017

I’m blogging today on Love Bytes Reviews about the temptation, to which I often succumb, of putting children into the lives of my M/M main characters.

Re-release of Life Lessons short stories

April 18, 2017
As I’m updating old books, I decided to get a new cover and do a minor edit for “And to All a Good Night” – the free Life Lessons 1.5 short story. And I added the Valentine’s 1.8 story – “Getting It Right” in as well. Isn’t the new cover by Karrie Jax pretty?
This version is now available on Smashwords, ( although it will take a little time for it to work through the system to AZ, B&N etc.

There is no new Mac and Tony story in here, if you’ve already read the two old ones. But if you haven’t, here’s a chance to check them out with a spiffy new look. These both come between Life Lessons and Breaking Cover. (And yes, someday I still hope to write about Mac and Tony with teen kids 🙂 But not this year.)

A re-release of The Rebuilding Year with a few edits and the old familiar cover is the next project.

Illuminating costs, building empathy

April 15, 2017

I’m back on Love Bytes Reviews today, blogging about the multifaceted costs of anti-LGBTQ prejudice in society. Our best books help readers understand, and empathize, by telling stories that matter to them.

Blogging about the definitions of Romance

February 16, 2017

guysadyoung I blogged on Love Bytes Reviews about the definitions we use to call a book “Romance” and about stretching those limits in M/M.

The Boundaries of Romance –

Temporary unavailability of The Rebuilding Year and more

February 11, 2017

JandR-TRY I’m sad to say that, after an attempted reorganization, Samhain Pubishing has announced that they will be closing their doors on Feb 28th 2017. All the books they publish, including The Rebuilding Year; Life, Some Assembly Required; and Sole Support will be withdrawn from sale at all distributors.

You can still buy Samhain books until the end of February, and there is a 50% off sale on their website. They have promised to remit royalties for all purchases, so hopefully, if they follow through, (unlike with ARe) the authors should not lose money if you buy now. (Although payments will be delayed as they complete the wrap up, so some authors may feel a pinch from that.) Personally, I would be happy for you to continue to buy my books through the month.

I hope to re-release these books in the future. I’m even thinking about an audio book for The Rebuilding Year – it might be a fun project, so if there’s a narrator you really want to hear doing John and Ryan, let me know.

Publishing is a tough business right now. The crash of ARe, leaving publishing houses with five-figure losses from unpaid royalties, didn’t help. I wrote before about ways to support authors and I want to re-emphasize denouncing piracy. Speak up when friends or family members are downloading music, images, or books, without paying for the commercial products. If we want art and creativity to continue to flourish, we must make sure we don’t support a culture of entitlement. I have already sent over 20 take-down notices for pirate sites with Rejoice, Dammit, my holiday story that came out less than 2 months ago. I don’t know if preventing piracy could have saved any of the several LGBTQ romance publishers who folded in the last year, but I do know that fighting massive theft losses should not be part of anyone’s business model.

Thanks to everyone who bought my books through Samhain – they have been one of my solid sources of income. Go forth and check out favorite authors, like Heidi Cullinan, Joanna Chambers, and K.J. Charles, and see if they are making suggestions about buying their books in this time of transition. If you own Samhain books in ebook form, it’s smart to back them up somewhere other than just your ereader, since the publisher will no longer be available for replacements. If your device crashes there is no guarantee that copies will still be in retailer archives to reload them. (Hopefully they will, but keeping a back-up of your books is always smart.)

This loss of another good publisher is sad (although not unexpected – their ability to come back from the mess of almost closing previously was always going to be a huge endeavor.) But the books and the writing and the publishing community will continue. Thanks to everyone who buys and supports all the good stories out there 🙂

Talking about Comfort Rereads

January 29, 2017

Today I begin a series of monthly posts on Prism Book Alliance. I’ll be “Outside the Margins” on the 29th of each month. This time, I’m talking about comfort rereads.

How do we support the writers we love to read?

January 15, 2017

I’m blogging today on Love Bytes Reviews. The question is, how can we pull together and help our genre’s authors weather the storms of 2016’s closures and changes?